Purpose of our Care

Aims and Objectives 

ICCH aims to give each child and/or young person in its care, warmth, affection and a high level of support to meet their needs.

We offer permanent placements that provide a period of stability and support to children and young people, assisting them to move into independent living, back home or into a foster placement.  Each individual placement is carefully assessed during our referral process, to ensure that the needs and outcomes of the individual child/young person are successfully met.

Every Child Matters

The Government publication ‘Every Child Matters: change for children’ (December 2004)  underpins our intervention in ensuring that children in our care thrive.  Our outcomes are realised in the following areas : Being Healthy, Staying Safe, Enjoying and Achieving , Making a Positive Contribution, Achieving Economic Well being.

Inclusive Care Children’s home commits to:

  • Work with each child/young person, his/her placement authority, social workers, parents, (as appropriate) and all others associated with his/her care towards identifying, implementing and reviewing a plan of care which is largely unique to the child, and which adequately reflects his/her needs at any one time;
  • Look after each child/young person, and ensure they enjoy a safe, secure, dignified, warm, caring and loving environment which will nurture their education, stimulate their development and encourage their general well-being.
  • One of the central elements of the home’s ethos and philosophy is the desire to ensure that each child/young person receives an education which enhances their life prospects in every respect.
  • Create an atmosphere where children/young people can learn to value and develop personal relationships by providing situations and experiences that develop trust, self-esteem and mutual respect;
  • Provide a child-centred environment to enable children/young people to receive positive role modelling and guidance, through continuity of reliable relationships and consistent nurturing care;
  • Always look ahead, towards the child/young person’s future needs, in order to prepare the child/young person for the time when they must leave the home, and live independently
  • Provide leisure, fun, encouragement, opportunity and support for each child/young person with a view to each child/young person fulfilling their potential;
  • Listen to all of the children/young people accommodated in the home, so that their views can be taken into account;
  • Through regular meetings and discussions, involve each child/young person in the running of the home, to ensure they understand the home’s rules, and on occasion contribute to their development and review in the light of changing needs and circumstances;
  • Work in close partnership with other agencies, in order to ensure the stability and well-being of the placement, along with optimal opportunities for the child/young person;
  • Provide outreach support to the child/young person and their family members through contact with significant staff.